Timmaron Capital Advisors
Timmaron Capital Advisors

Timmaron Capital Advisors provides the guidance and experience that a CEO, Board of Directors or Private Equity Investor needs to make critical business decisions.

We have led, created, and sold businesses. We have served on boards, taken firms public, repositioned and revitalized firms, entered new markets, restructured management teams, and dramatically improved corporate performance.

Unlike large consulting firms, our partners actually lead our engagements, work directly with clients, find practical and implementable solutions to complex problems, and bring decades of personal management expertise to each relationship.

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Executive Brief

Innovation and entrepreneurship have transformed the western world and made the US the most dominant economic power of today. Yet the information revolution and globalization are also transforming the world with potential to create a different future than we may expect.

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A closer look at India, China and the US

An analysis of the major factors affecting these markets; their effects and likely futures. Lead author, Dr. Rajiv Shah, is a Timmaron Managing Partner. Available at Amazon Books.

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What We Do

Advise PE investors, energize the board and CEO team to maximize the success of business transformation

Timmaron Capital Advisors provides an “honest advisor” alternative. Our partners have actively managed companies and have strong track records of numerous successful business transformations.

Our experts augment your board and/or CEO’s executive team to accelerate your assessment or transformation, providing critical expertise from our network of experienced, motivated advisors and avoid conflicts of interest by M&A advisors and large consulting firms. We adapt proven methods for transformation to each situation and quickly but carefully clarify demands and opportunities for change.

We offer fresh faces, relevant experience, and highly-focused team players without operational distractions, commitment to “the old way” or fear of change. You will reduce risk, preserve confidentiality, increase the speed of implementation and save time and money.

Event-driven Project Management

  • Investment, M&A
  • New technology and markets
  • New threats or opportunities
  • Rethinking strategic vision


Private Equity Investor Advising

  • Provide in-depth industry insights
  • Assess new segments for attack
  • Offer sound business valuation
  • Define strategies for diversification


Competitive Intelligence

  • Review corporate strategy, goals, KPIs
  • Analyze competitors
  • Benchmark firm against competitors
  • Guide optimal implementatin of plans


Board of Directors Assessment

  • Identify gaps and offer recruiting recommendations
  • Develop board candidate list
  • Conduct board reviews


Board of Directors Participation

  • Member of Board of Directors
  • Board observer (on behalf of private equity investor)
  • Committee chairperson


CEO & Executive Team Assessment

  • Interview CEO and key executives
  • Develop Performance Improvement Plan
  • Develop coaching plans


Our Team

Rajiv Shah

Rajiv Shah

Managing Partner
Jack Mueller

Jack Mueller

jim carlisle2

Jim Carlisle


Timmaron Capital Advisors is led by a team of experts in business strategy, analysis and execution, honed through years of experience in corporate boardrooms, and in assisting clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial startups.

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Our Experience

The members of Timmaron Capital Advisors have personally led consulting engagements and/or served as senior executives in each of the following organizations:

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  • ak steel
  • alcatel lucent
  • answerthink
  • apex
  • apple
  • arbitron
  • avon
  • caltech
  • centennial wireless
  • cerberus capital mgmt
  • chase
  • chrysler
  • cincinnati bell
  • citigroup
  • commscope
  • connexion
  • credit suisse
  • csx transportation
  • d and b
  • deutsche bank
  • ericsson
  • ford
  • gerson lehrman group
  • global options
  • goldman sachs
  • hearst corporation
  • heb
  • ibm
  • idearc
  • iridian technologies
  • itt
  • johnson and johnson
  • lsg sky chefs
  • mci worldcom
  • mckinsey and company
  • metroplex
  • millennium
  • nomura
  • north texas enterprise center
  • north texas rcic
  • primedia
  • rice
  • schering plough
  • silverlake
  • smu cox
  • sprint
  • startech
  • texas instruments
  • unilever
  • us army
  • us west
  • utd
  • valor
  • vectrix
  • vestar capital partners
  • welch carson anderson stowe
  • westinghouse
  • windstream communications
  • xerox

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