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Rajiv Shah advises Aptus careCyber Group partners with UT Jindal student entrepreneurs to grow business

Cyber Group’s leadership wanted to transform the 20-year-old company from an IT consulting firm to one offering a portfolio of managed-service products. They contacted the Jindal School and reached Dr. Rajiv Shah, an innovation and entrepreneurship professor and director of the MS in Systems Engineering and Management program. This resulted in a partnership that brought fresh ideas to Cyber Group and real world experience to the students.
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Rajiv Shah advises Aptus care

Dr. Rajiv Shah advises AptusCare

Dr. Rajiv Shah is an advisor to AptusCare, a healthcare software startup that provides a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant ecosystem which empowers patient care teams to collaborate and follow clinically proven and evidence based guidelines. The system also works securely across multiple devices – iOS, Android, tablet, desktop, etc. The software drives innovation and enhances the value of care delivered, as well as enables providers to gain real-time actionable insights about their patient’s condition from anywhere.
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Healthcare initiative at Jindal

New collaboration with AT&T for Jindal, Jonsson students  results in innovative IoT healthcare solutions

A smartphone-enabled “smart” glucometer, an end-to-end solution for early breast-cancer detection, and "smart" medication bottles for Medicare patients were conceived and developed by Jindal School of Management students taught by Timmaron partner, Dr. Rajiv Shah. The students created high level business plans within three healthcare ecosystems, and presented their projects to senior AT&T top managers.
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US India Chamber Conference

Forum to help small businesses succeed

Small businesses often need support and the US India Chamber of Commerce is working with the Texas Governor's office and Texas Workforce Commission to fill this need for Texas' small business owners. At the October forum, business leaders learned skills and techniques to succeed in today's fast paced economy. The forums highlighted the wide range of opportunities available to all businesses, including minority and women-owned small businesses, veterans and businesses interested in expanding globally. Timmaron partner, Rajiv Shah, was a program moderator.
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US India Chamber Conference

What drives innovation and entrepreneurship today?

Innovation and entrepreneurship have transformed the western world, and especially the US, from agricultural economies of the past, through the industrial revolution into the information age of today. However, the information revolution and globalization that we are experiencing today is also transforming the world. Read Dr. Rajiv Shah's analysis of the changes and the economy of the future.
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How will emerging economies shape the future

A definitive analysis of the impact of today's emerging economies

This book provides a thorough analysis of the major factors that affect innovation and entrepreneurship in three parts of the world – US, China and India – and a comprehensive view of their effects and their likely futures. It is a data-rich and evidence-based exploration of relationships among innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth with theoretical models of economic growth in the context of macroeconomic factors. Lead author, Dr. Rajiv Shah, is a Timmaron Managing Partner. Available at Amazon Books.
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Shah spearheads Master's of Science degree at UTProgram designed by Rajiv Shah deemed a model for Master of Science programs nationwide

The program combines upper-level engineering and management courses and enables students to receive a Master of Science degree.  Such programs become popular as employers seek to hire students who combine business savvy with technical knowledge. Other programs — such as master's in finance, marketing and management — are also popular among students with non-business undergraduate degrees. A majority of business schools reported growth in application volume these programs, according to a survey of business schools by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).
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smart cities projectEntrepreneurship students plug into AT&T's Smart Cities Project

Smart Cities is a framework of interconnected technologies that use wireless networks, and telecommunications networks in general, to help connect communities with city infrastructures. The students focused on helping AT&T Smart Cities identify and develop potential business opportunities and document data within five key vertical markets: energy and utilities, transportation, citizen engagement, public safety and infrastructure. They formulated a go-to-market strategy, making a significant real-world contribution to the project.
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drone projectDrone project explores potential new business applications

With RMS Aerospace, teams of students in one of Dr. Rajiv Shah’s entrepreneurship courses are investigating the viability of six business opportunities involving drones: payload delivery, crop-dusting, high-risk inspections, emergency medical services, photography for sporting events and remote sensing.
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caltech ahmed zewailThe early years at Caltech with Ahmed Zewail: Dr. Rajiv Shah

Rajiv Shah recounts his research working with Prof. Ahmed Zewail at Caltech in the '70s, and his pioneering work that ultimately led to a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. His recounting of that is included as a chapter in a new book to be published in 2017, "Reminiscences of Ahmed H. Zewail: Photons, Electrons and What Else?"
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Photo courtesy of California Institute of Technology and World Scientific